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5 Reasons to Choose Wooden Toys As Gifts

Because there's nothing worse than running out of batteries.


Gone are the days of our old favourite toys filling up our kids' bedrooms. Now it's all about the latest tech and newest gadgets taking up their play time. However, one thing that will never go out of fashion are those wooden toys you once loved as a child. They're charming, timeless and simply beautiful to look at but if you need more reasons to choose wooden toys then here's our top 5:



1. They're Much More Durable Than Plastic Toys


Have you ever seen a toddler carefully place their favourite toys back inside their toy box? Nope, we haven't either. Instead you can find them spread all over the living room floor, hiding in the back garden and there's also bound to be a few stuck in between the couch cushions. We can't really blame this reckless behaviour, but we can buy toys that can withstand it. Where plastic toys tend to break and become brittle, wooden toys can handle the natural wear and tear for much longer. This makes them the perfect gift that will last a lifetime.



2. They're safer than plastic toys


On average, a child in the UK will receive almost £500 worth of toys in one year according to this study. They're such an important part of a child's development but with so many toys at their fingertips you need to be sure that they're safe from any harmful chemicals. Natural toys made of wood don't pose the same threat as synthetic toys do. You'll find that some plastic toys contain a combination of chemicals that could end up causing more danger than they're worth. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver quality and safe products with wooden toys made using child friendly paints, stains and lacquers. Let your fearless explorer roam freely with their wooden toys in hand and give yourself some peace of mind.


3. They encourage more creative play


There's nothing more powerful than a child's imagination. One of the benefits of gifting them wooden toys over plastic toys is that it nurtures their creativity. While plastic toys have more features, designs and sound effects, wooden toys force them to open up their imagination and invent new ways of playing with them. It will spark their natural curiosity and help them develop motor skills, problem solving skills, hand eye coordination, social skills and so much more!



4. They're better for the environment


One of the best things about wooden toys is that they're environmentally friendly. In a world with climate change, pollution and an increasing carbon footprint, you can do your bit for the environment by choosing the more sustainable option. It's a great way to teach your kids about these issues, especially when plastic toys almost never decompose and will most likely break before you get the chance to recycle them. Our wooden toys are made from the highest quality materials available and don't involve any nasty chemicals in their creation process, protecting the environment for future generations.



5. They can be passed down the generations


At My 1st Years we're all about gifting unique keepsakes that can be held onto forever rather than cheap, short-lived toys that will eventually end up in the bin. That's why we love our collection of wooden toys that really do last a lifetime. The best part is that once they grow out of the toy they can pass it down to their siblings or even their own children eventually. From train sets to a wooden kitchen you'll be sure to find a timeless gift they will cherish for years to come.


We are a custom wood manufacturing in the production and sale of wooden toys. Our wooden toy products include building block toys, musical toys, playhouses, educational toys, trains and more.


We can wholesale all styles on our website and give you the best prices. We can customise any style to add your logo, or customise your own wooden toy design. We look forward to hearing from you.






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