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Latest Frequently Asked Questions About Coin Collection

Author: Jeremiah

Jan. 08, 2021


Recently, a friend asked me questions about coins, such as: Is coin shops near me a lie? To be honest, the field of coin collection requires a lot of knowledge.

For example, what is the most basic coin.

Coins are currency minted by metal. Because metal coins have the advantages of convenient use, wear resistance, and long circulation life. In addition to its own currency functions, it also has a high artistic appreciation and collection and preservation functions. What are the common problems you will encounter during the collection process?

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I think there are 6 kinds of problems

1- How to disinfect coins?

Please wear gloves when handling and use alcohol for disinfection. If some coins are not valuable and you want to put them in a coin book or in a jar, they can be washed with water, and you will never touch them anyway. If you want to play with some coins, please disinfect them after washing them with clean water. The white vinegar and 84 disinfectant that you often say are all ok. I personally keep a 75% medical alcohol spray, and just spray it when you have nothing to do. If some coins are refined coins or gold and silver coins, it is not recommended to use any corrosive things to disinfect, otherwise it will be distressed if you accidentally damage the coin surface. It is best to wear gloves during any coin handling process, which is not only safe and hygienic, but also does not leave stains on the coins.

2- How to save coins?

You can use coin collection books, paper clips and coin round boxes. The coin collection book is generally made of pvc material (the one with no obvious crease after folding is pvc material), which is suitable for storing coins for a short time, or storing coins that are not valuable and large. The paper clip can store any coins, but the coins in the paper clip are not easy to take out. After taking it out, you need to replace it with a paper clip. The coin round box can store any coins, but it should be noted that the liner in the round box should match the size of the coin. If the liner is too large, it will cause the coin to move in the box and cause wear.

3-Why can coins increase in value?

Among so many kinds of coins, it is not the age that determines their value, but the amount of their existence. The amount of existence is the main factor in whether the coin can increase in value. Generally speaking, it is the relationship between supply and demand. The value of a coin depends on how many coins are available and the demand for coins.

4- The reason for the popularity of coins?

Coin collection is a collection category that has only emerged in the last ten years. Although it has been on the market for a long time, it has only been paid attention to in recent years. Of course, if you have a collection, you will invest again. This is the main reason for the prosperity of coin collection. There are some people who like coins, which is also a reason.

5- How to collect coins?

Buy a reference book for coin collection and learn the basics of collection in depth; when you first buy coins, it is best to choose representative coins; first collect widely, and then lock in your interests; then buy some coins of general appearance, The initial investment in the economy does not need to be too large. When the interest and experience continue to rise, the economic investment can be increased, and the good looks and refined coins can be continuously converted.

6-How Many Denominations Are There in USA?

Regarding American coins, the American Mint currently produces six denominations: one cent, nickel, one dime, quarter coin, half dollar and one dollar. However, in the past, the mint also sold coins of various denominations, such as half cents, two cents, three cents, half dimes and 20 cents.


The above are the problems that are often faced in the process of collecting currency. In addition, I remind everyone that novices must choose an authoritative coin shop when trading currency, so as not to be deceived. The reason for saying this is that a friend of mine, a novice currency player, was cheated recently!






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