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Choosing the Right Material for Your Labels

Author: Marie

Jun. 22, 2022

Gifts & Crafts

Providing your products with well-designed and visually appealing labels can enhance your brand and reputation, but which material is best for your products? With so many label textiles to choose from, selecting the right one can be a bigger deal than you might initially think.

Whether your product is a garment, an accessory, or a mattress, a beautiful label can add class to your product. It can be a critical step in your marketing, and getting it right can be the icing on the cake. So, let's take a look at what works and what doesn't for your textile labels.


Choosing the Right Material for Your Labels

Materials: Satin vs. Cotton

The type of material you use for your labels can also make a big difference, with different materials suited to different requirements. However, durable, woven and fabric labels can add another layer of quality to your product. But which one is best for you?

Satin: A popular choice due to its smooth, high-gloss surface - perfect for apparel labels. It also provides a better printing surface as the ink penetrates the fibers, giving you a high level of legibility and a wash factor that won't fade. They are also a more cost effective option for longer run times.

Cotton: We can offer a wide range of weave types that can produce a variety of finishes from simple to complex, but due to its texture, cotton is a more difficult material to print on. Cotton will provide a durable surface with good legibility, but the color may darken over time and the ink will fade after washing and drying.


Printing: Digital & Flexographic

With printed labels, you can provide as much information as needed to your customers, as size allows, of course. But using the two main methods of label printing, even that can give you something to think about. So, what are they and which one do you choose?

Digital: A practical way to produce fabric labels, black and white digital printing is perfect for producing short run labels. You can include your logo as well as any product care details, such as washing instructions or bar codes. Please note that digitally printed labels sometimes lack durability after washing and can fade.

Flexo: In contrast to digital printing, flexo is more expensive to set up, but offers a greater range for your labels. Flexo is faster and more economical, and is often the best choice for color labels that take longer to print. In addition, it is more durable after the washing/drying process.


Nylon Taffeta 

Another highly rated option is nylon taffeta. It is a thinner woven option with excellent legibility. Although it is a cheaper material, its sturdy qualities make it ideal for washing without fading. Not only that, but it has excellent "writing" properties, making it ideal for furniture, upholstery or mattress labels.


Here to help

There's a wide range of label materials and printing options - get it wrong and your product will stand out for all the wrong reasons. To help you decide, Jiamei Labels can introduce you to our extensive product range and provide samples so you can see exactly what the labels will look like.






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