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Easy Install Welded Mesh Gabion Basket

Author: Marie

Jun. 28, 2022


Welded wire mesh gabion box with strong structure is suitable for mountainous country, some places where there need landslide control, it can be used for bridge protection, gabion retaining wall, slope protection, water conservancy, gabion wall for decoration and privacy. Welded mesh gabion baskets can also used for natural landscape. If there is a small pond in your courtyard, you will have a unique and beautiful scenery when the pond is surrounded by the welded gabion box that fulled with pretty little stone. Further more, stainless steel welded mesh gabion basket can also used for noise barrier, separating the road and residential district. welded mesh may be a little expensive, but when you see it benefits, you will find it is worthy of its value. Welded wire mesh has a great natural feature, so it need not any extra process. Gabion's function decide it should be rust resistance, corrosion resistance, good strength and toughness, all these advantage do stainless steel posses precisely.


Easy Install Welded Mesh Gabion Basket/Gabion Box


Why choose welded gabion?

Welded gabion is a cubic container of connected welded wire mesh panels by lacing wire and locking pins. It can be extended to any length by clasping the two helical wires of vertical corner together and insert locking pin. You add layers if many layers of welded gabion are required.

Welded gabions are found in an increasing number of civil engineering projects such as river training wall, flood control, soil erosion control and temporary wall systems. In addition, more and more views has introduced gabion baskets for their special and different appearance.

● Heavy wire gauge ensuring robust structure.

● Corrosion-resistant wire suitable to all weathers.

● Modular structure makes installation quick and simple.

● Cost-effective devices for retaining wall and soil erosion.

● Recyclable and friendly to environment.

● Ornamented element to ordinary views.

● Excellent flexibility and permeability.


Easy Install Welded Mesh Gabion Basket/Gabion Box


How to install gabion baskets

Gabion baskets full of spectacular looking rock filling is a growing trend in world as a new approach to dealing with a retaining wall. They can be more cost effective and easier to install than traditional sleepers but less cumbersome and difficult to manoeuvre than concrete or sandstone blocks.The best part is you don't need any help to install it.


1) Foundation preparation
The foundation on which the gabions are to be placed shall be cut or filled and graded as required. Surface irregularities, loose material, vegetation, and all foreign matter shall be removed from foundation surface area. Extra care should be taken with foundation preparations in order to ensure a level and smooth surface. 

2) Assembly
Rotate the gabion panels into position and join the vertical edges with fasteners for gabion assembly. Where spiral fasteners are used, crimp the ends to secure the spirals in place. Where C ring type alternate fasteners are used for basket assembly, install the fasteners at a maximum spacing of 150 mm. Use the same fastening procedures to install interior diaphragms where they are required. Interior diaphragms will be required where any inside dimension exceeds 1m for gabion baskets. Diaphragms will be installed to assure that no open intervals are present that exceeds 1m.

3) Placement
Place the empty gabions on the foundation and interconnect the adjacent gabions along the top, bottom, and vertical edges using spirals or C rings.






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