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Factors to Consider When Buying Best Acrylic Paint Brushes

Author: venusgeng

Oct. 31, 2022


When you are purchasing the best acrylic paint brushes, there are some factors that you should take into consideration. Let’s look at these now!



Brushes can range in price from $0.25 to over $100 depending on what type of brush and quality it is. When choosing your product, keep in mind how often you will be using it as this may prevent having to buy a new one too soon after buying an expensive model that doesn’t meet expectations if used frequently.


Handle Material

The material the handle of the paintbrush is made out of plays a major role when deciding which kind would work best for each individual artist or person with specific needs. Some types include wood, plastic, rubberized grips, or metal.


The most popular type of handle is wood because it doesn’t cause the brush to warp when it gets wet and also provides a good grip for the user.

Natural Bristle Flat Paint Brush

Natural Bristle Flat Paint Brush

Bristle Material

Brushes are made with different types of bristles that can be animal hair, synthetic, or natural fibers. Each bristle material has its own benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before making your purchase.


For example, animal hair bristles tend to hold more paint but they also require more care so they don’t lose their shape over time. Synthetic bristles are easier to clean and are less likely to absorb the paint, while natural fiber bristles offer a softer feel for the artist.



There are many different shapes in which brushes are available. Here are the most common ones:



This type of brush is used in creating long strokes by rolling them between your fingers while holding them parallel to the canvas. They come in different sizes and are usually used for creating washes, backgrounds, or larger details.



This brush is shaped like its name suggests-flat! It is great for covering large areas of paint quickly as well as blending colors together. They also come in a variety of sizes and can be used for everything from basic strokes to more detailed work.


Purple Filament Chalk Paint Brush

Purple Filament Chalk Paint Brush


A filbert brush has a rounded edge that comes to a point and is perfect for painting curved shapes such as flowers or leaves. It can also be used for adding detail such as hair or fur.


Chisel Shaped

This type of brush has a triangular shape with pointed ends which makes it ideal for painting straight lines and creases. It is also good for painting in small areas and can be used by artists who have a steady hand to create thin lines or details in their artwork.



A fan brush allows the artist to paint large “fan-shaped” strokes that look great when creating flowers, trees, grasses, bodies of water, etc. They are usually larger than most other types so they work well on canvases that require a lot of coverage quickly but don’t offer much room to add fine detail with this type of brush.

Wood Handle Angle Paint Brush

Wood Handle Angle Paint Brush

Angle Shaped

This art supply helps you get into narrow spaces without getting paint all over your fingers! The angled tip makes it easy to paint corners and edges while allowing you better control over the paint.



This brush is shaped like a chisel and has very stiff bristles that can be used to create crisp lines with the help of water or pigment for painting details such as leaves, grasses, fur, etc. The long handle makes it great for adding fine detail while standing up but doesn’t offer much control when trying to blend colors together.


Shading Brush

These brushes are flat in shape which allows them to create smooth blends across your entire canvas quickly! They also come in different sizes so you should consider what size will work best on your project before making any final decisions about this type of acrylic paintbrush.


3P Set Angle Paint Brush

3P Set Angle Paint Brush

Designer Brush

Similar to shading brushes these have short handles but they tend to flatter and have a more pointed tip. They are perfect for adding details to your work, such as intricate designs or small lettering.



Brushes come in a variety of sizes that range from tiny to extra large. It is important to consider the size you will need for your specific project before making your purchase as it can be difficult (if not impossible) to change the size of a brush once you have started using it.


When choosing your ideal paintbrush make sure it is something that works well with both the type of painting or art project you have in mind as well as with your skill level so there aren’t any issues later down the line! Some materials often used when working with acrylic paints include plastic handles, nylon bristles, and aluminum ferrules.


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