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Highly Searched Valves Types

Author: Clarissa

Dec. 31, 2020


Today I will recommend several high search volume valve types, which are comprehensive support data obtained through some specialized tools. Can help you understand the market situation of valves.

air valve.png

Number three in search volume: air valve

The air valve is a special valve used to prevent negative pressure in the pipe caused by the transient pressure reduction wave. It is usually installed at a high point where the hydrodynamic pressure of the pipeline is low during normal operation, and the liquid column separation may occur during the transient flow process. Air is sucked in when the pressure in the pipe is lower than atmospheric pressure, and air is discharged when the pressure in the pipe rises above atmospheric pressure. In the exhaust process, the valve can automatically close when the pipe is filled with liquid, and the liquid is not allowed to leak into the atmosphere. 

angle valve.png

Number two in search volume: Angle valve

The angle valve is mainly used for conversion, also called the triangle valve, which is mostly used in the installation of water and electricity in the decoration industry and is an important plumbing fitting. To transfer the internal and external water outlets; if the water pressure is too large, you can adjust it on the triangle valve, and turn it down a little; the function of the switch, if the faucet leaks, you can turn off the triangle valve instead of the main valve at home.

control valve.png

Number one in search volume: control valve

The control valve has the characteristics of simple structure and reliable action, so it is the most widely used valve, and we usually have the most contact. It contains four types: single-seat series control valves, double-seat series control valves, sleeve series control valves and self-operated series control valves. Regarding the choice of control valve, choose the most correct type according to your specific needs, including factors such as the material of the control valve and the use environment. 






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