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How to Choose the Best Telescopic Tree Pruner?

Author: venusgeng

Oct. 24, 2022


Pruning and maintaining trees is an important part of their health and productivity. Having a tree pruner on hand is a smart way to keep your trees looking great. Because ladders can be dangerous, having a telescopic tree pruner allows you to trim branches of all heights from the safety of the ground.


Before you choose to buy any telescopic tree pruner, you need to decide whether you want a manual or gas-powered pruner. Gas-powered telescopic tree pruner models are heavier and are suitable for bigger jobs, such as cutting larger branches. Manual telescopic tree pruners are used for smaller jobs and cutting thinner branches.


Manual pruning shears are more labor intensive than gas-powered pruning shears, but they are also cheaper, more environmentally friendly and lighter in weight. Most people will be happy with a manual model, but a commercial tree pruner or gardener may want to consider using a gas-powered model.


Telescopic Tree Pruner

Telescopic Tree Pruner


If you are buying a manual telescopic tree pruner, choose a pruner with a saw and pruning shears on the end. A pruning shear is essentially a small opening that contains a blade. A string extends down to the end of the pruner and when pulled, the string activates the blade to cut small branches quickly and easily.


A large blade can be used to cut larger branches that the pruner cannot cut; this blade should be thick and strong enough to cut through the branch, yet thin enough to get between the tightly packed branch and the brush.


Make sure the telescopic tree pruner you choose is long enough for your purposes. They come in a variety of sizes, and longer pruning shears are usually more expensive than shorter ones. If the trees in your yard are not very large, then a small or medium-sized pruner will be perfect, but larger trees will require longer pruners.


Applications of Telescopic Tree Pruner

Applications of Telescopic Tree Pruner


Be sure to double check the telescoping feature to ensure ease of use and stability. Make sure the telescoping tree pruners are easy to extend, and once they are in place, make sure they lock securely. Sliding or folding extensions can cause injury or damage to the tree.


Choosing a gas-powered telescopic tree pruner is a different process. You want to make sure all the proper safety features are available, such as an emergency cut-off switch, which will cut power to the pruning shears if necessary. The pruning shears will have a small chain saw on the end to make the cuts; be sure to choose the best bar size for your purpose. The bar is the piece of metal around which the chain will rotate, and it will be available in different sizes for different jobs.


When to use pruning shears?

Pole pruners offer you only one thing: long distances. They cost the bulk and uncertainty of an 8-foot pole that you need to carry around with you. Only in a few cases, depending on your personal preference, can they be used to simplify the job. These are just a few examples to get you thinking.


 Pole Saws

 Pole Saws

Small pruning on a tree. Pruning new saplings from the edges of mature trees is the main job of a pruner, but in practice, pruners work very slowly. If this were not the case, professional orchardists would not use such large ladders.


Trunk cleaning. Mature trees occasionally grow outgrowth from their trunks; honey locusts especially like to do this. Or, you may sometimes need to pull down all or part of a climbing vine.


Tidy up high places on a lattice shelf. You may like to use pole pruners when you need to tidy up climbing plants such as clematis, small climbers and some roses. If you don't have an observer working with you, that would be another good reason to use pole pruning shears.


For more information about the best telescopic tree pruners for 2022, welcome to contact us. we will be happy to help you out!

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