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Your Position: Home - Hardware - How to Hang Picture Frames With a Triangle Hook

How to Hang Picture Frames With a Triangle Hook

Author: Marie

Jul. 25, 2022


Anyone that has purchased a house or lived in an apartment knows that one of the first things you plan is where everything is going to hang on the walls. No matter the size and shape of the item, the proper hardware is required to ensure that it stays on the wall and is hung level. Triangle Hangers are screwed into the frame to hold the wire that the picture will hang from.

Step 1

Lay the frame on the floor, face down. Place a blanket or a cushion underneath it, if necessary, to keep from scratching the frame on a hardwood floor.

Step 2

Measure the sides of the frame and make a pen mark on both sides about 1/3 of the way from the top of the frame.

Step 3

Use the tape measure to make sure the marks are equal on each side.

Step 4

Drill holes on the marks for the hangers.

Step 5

Place the hanger on the frame with the flat section against the frame and line up the holes. The triangle piece of the hook is not screwed down; under the triangle there is a flat piece with a hole in it, which is where the screw is attached.

Step 6

Attach the other triangle hook to the other side of the frame in the same way.

Step 7

Thread the picture wire through the triangle, entering from the front and exiting the back of the triangle.

Step 8

Cross the end over the wire that is still attached to the roll, then thread the end from front to back into the triangle again. Push the wire through the loop that was just created and pull the wire gently to tighten the loop.

Step 9

Wrap the end tightly around the piece still attached to the roll of wire. Repeat on the other hanger. To determine the length of wire needed, pull the wire straight across to the other hanger and add about 3 inches.

Step 10

Hang the picture from the wire with a picture hook that has been nailed into the wall. Hold the bottom of the frame with one hand and pull the wire out from the frame with the other. Place the top of the frame against the wall and lower the entire frame until the wire catches the hook on the wall.

Step 11

Grasp the picture on both sides of the frame and move slightly to either side to level. Step back to see if the frame is level and repeat if necessary.






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