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How to Measure the Size of Drawer Slides?

Author: venusgeng

Jun. 28, 2022


1. Remove the drawer from the cabinet. Turn the drawer face down.


2. Measure from the back of the drawer front to the end of the drawer box. Measure only the box, not the drawer front. Round the measurement to the smaller number on the tape. For example, when the measurement is 22 1/2", you will need to purchase 22" drawer slides.


3. Measure the width of the drawer. Measure the width of the drawer opening in the cabinet. If the two measurements are 1/8 inch apart from each other, you can use the full extension guide. When the measurements are less than or greater than 1/8 inch, you will need to use the standard bottom mount guide.

Slim Tandem - Ubox Drawer Slide - BL Slim Inner Drawer Tandem Box

Slim Tandem - Ubox Drawer Slide - BL Slim Inner Drawer Tandem Box

What you will need

Tape measure

Screwdriver (optional)


Proper measurement is important to ensure that your custom organizer meets your expectations. To get started, you'll need a good flexible tape measure in increments of at least 1/8 inch.



Install full extension rails when your cabinets and drawers have consistent measurements within the 1/8-inch clearance parameter. Full extension rails are premium rails that can extend farther and support more weight than standard rails. To replace existing slides, remove them from the drawer with a screwdriver. They usually have the correct measurements printed on one end.



When replacing drawer slides, always replace them in sets. Do not attempt to replace only defective parts. There may be exceptions to measuring drawer slides when installing replacement parts. When the drawer slides extend more than 3/4" beyond the end of the drawer box, measure the slides inside the cabinet, not on the drawer.

Drawer Slides

Drawer Slides

Design Considerations

If you are designing a drawer organizer that is taller than the drawer box walls, be sure to measure the drawer opening to ensure you have adequate clearance. If your drawer does not extend all the way, a taller drawer organizer may be difficult to install, please take this into consideration when choosing the height of your organizer.


Obstructions inside the drawer can affect your measurements. Make note of any hardware or screws that will affect the size of the organizer and adjust accordingly.


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