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Introduction And Use Of Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Author: Marie

Sep. 07, 2022


Hexagonal Wire Mesh is a twisted steel wire mesh with hexagonal openings. Our hex netting is available in many mesh sizes with a variety of width and length sizes. It is a widely used and versatile mesh that can be used for animal traps, chicken coops, insulation backing or other wire fencing for animals.


Introduction And Use Of Hexagonal Netting


Features of Hex Netting:

Good ventilation

Solid construction

Extremely versatile

Easy to install

Easily cut to fit

Available in many materials and sizes


Hexagonal Wire Mesh is commonly known as chicken wire, poultry wire, poultry netting, and hexagonal mesh. Hexagonal Wire Mesh is a widely used and versatile wire mesh. It is often used to build chicken coops or other fencing for chickens or other animals. Additionally, hex netting is an economical product used to secure other materials in place, such as insulation to roofs. Hex netting is also ideal for lawn and garden and other home projects.


Introduction And Use Of Hexagonal Netting


Various applications that hex netting can be used for:

Wire mesh fencing

Wire mesh chicken coops

Poultry hex netting

Flood control hex netting

Construction reinforcement hex netting

General purpose wire netting

Wire mesh window guards

Wire mesh tree guards

Trellis for climbing plants and flowers

Framework for sculpture and float decorations






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