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It's Not Really That Difficult to Do Good Car Repairs.

Author: CC

Nov. 03, 2022


Cars are not as easy to clean, disassemble and assemble as small, fragmented objects. It is a large product that requires specialised space, professional tools and expertise in the repair process. Huitong takes you through the essentials of auto repair with ease.


Some tips for car repair and maintenance


◆Parts cleaning

Parts cleaning is also part of the car repair work, and there are also related car repair considerations. Car parts in the process of car driving will form a lot of rubbish dirt, dust and grease, need to be carefully cleaned. There are also strict rules on the temperature of cleaning and the solutions to be used. For example, some rubber products cannot be cleaned with alkaline solutions.


◆No open flames

Car maintenance is certainly inseparable from petrol and oil, and these are flammable items. This is why it is important to mention the safety aspects of car maintenance. Flammable and corrosive substances must be stored in accordance with the regulations.


◆Good marking

The car itself has a wide variety of parts, large and small, of many different types and quantities, from a screw to a circuit board, each part plays a unique role in the vehicle itself. Any missing piece, any missing part, will bring unpredictable hidden dangers to the car. Therefore, in the process of repairing your vehicle, dismantled car parts should be kept in a safe place and marked, especially for parts that require installation directions and are easily confused.


Common tools for car repairs


The automotive repair industry generally has its own specialised tools that play a key role in the repair process. The following are some of the common tools used in auto repair:


Huitong tool carbinet and tool set


◆Electrical Repair Tools

Electrical repair tools mainly for battery repair, there are car battery measuring pen, battery connection cable, battery charger, battery rust removal pliers, etc.


◆Tyre repair tools

Tyre repair tools mainly include jack, air cannon spanner, air cannon socket, tyre spanner, tyre patch, rubber cleaner, etc.


◆Lubrication equipment and tools

Lubrication tools include grease gun, grease gun tube, grease gun nozzle, grease jug, etc.


◆Engine maintenance tools

Engine repair tools include filter spanners, belt spanners, spark plug sockets, timing tools, piston ring pliers, etc.


◆Interior repair tools

Body interior repair tools such as sheet metal hammer, sheet metal liner, sheet metal shaping file, panel removal tools, glass suction cups, glass seal tools, wood-handled scrapers, etc.


◆Chassis repair tools etc.

Chassis repair tools include repair plates, socket sets (including ratchets, sockets, spinner sockets, hexagon, extension bars, etc.), bearing pullers, pullers, brake repair tools, etc.


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