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Material suitable for the fire pit


The Fire Pit is a fantastic garden installation that makes your outdoor space liveable during the cooler months of the year. Whether you install a permanent fire pit or a portable fire pit, you need to make sure it can hold fire efficiently and still burn well.


The materials you place at the bottom of the fire pit, underneath the fuel for the fire, are key to ensuring that the fire pit warms your yard both safely and efficiently.


At All Green, you can find a range of fire pits and accessories. Visit our display fire pit inside the store for inspiration to create outdoor warmth in the garden.


Here are some of the things used in the fire pit


Fire use


Both permanent and portable fire pits can burn more brightly with the right padding material.


Permanent fire pits can contain heavy objects because they do not need to be moved very often. You can combine large rocks, gravel and sand to ensure a fireproof base that won't dampen the flames.


Pro tip: Install a steel ring to frame the pit wall. The steel rims contain the heat generated by the fire, which extends the life of the pit.


Portable fire pits require materials that can be lifted and moved. Smaller stones, glass or rubble are easy to remove when you want to clean up a fire or move it to another location.


Here are some materials that can withstand high temperatures and also help the fire burn.


1. Sand


A thin layer of sand can help control any fire. You can fill any cracks in the floor of a dug fire pit with sand.


An inch of sand on the bottom of the metal fire pit will help protect the bowl from the intense heat of the fire. Whether your fire pit is portable or permanent, putting sand on the bottom is a convenient preventive measure. If you need to smother the fire in a hurry, you can pick up a shovel nearby and use the sand.


2. Gravel


Gravel provides drainage, especially for permanent fire pits dug into the ground. It compacts more easily than sand and remains stable over time.


Gravel provides a stable base for wood fires and is suitable for permanent or portable fire pits. Choose a hard rock that resists fire, such as granite, marble, or SLATE.


3. Glass


Firepond glass stone is decorative and can add a bit of sparkle to any gas - or ethanol-fueled firepond. Glass stone may not be suitable for wooden fire pits because smoke and soot can discolor the glass.


4. The brick


Firebricks or half-bricks at the bottom of the pit can ignite the oxygen. Bricks can also withstand high temperatures, making them suitable materials for fire pits.


5. Concrete


Concrete is a sensible base for a permanent fire pit. If aesthetics are important, or you want to make portable fire pits out of concrete, you can find painted or colored concrete shapes that you can use.


6. Stone


Not all stones are suitable for use in fire pits, so be sure to check the type of stone before using. Porous or wet stones, such as sandstone or river stones, may break or explode when they reach high temperatures.


Hard rocks such as granite, marble or SLATE are suitable for fire pits. Lava is another popular option.


Choose the right fuel for your fire pit


Dry wood in a fire pit


Once you have laid the fire pit with the material of your choice, you can load it with wood. Wood needs to be dry for it to burn effectively, so make sure it's stored in cover. Kindling -- twigs and branches -- and kindling like pine needles or tree dander can help.


Ethanol or gas is good for a decorative brazier to add atmosphere to your yard. One advantage of ethanol or gas burners is that they emit a constant temperature and a reduced amount of smoke and soot.


Now that you know how to fill your slate stone fire pits, is it time to browse the fire pits for your yard.







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