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Precautions for the Use of Pin Gauge

Author: Marie

Dec. 23, 2022


Pin gauges are round bars with specific dimensions made of white steel, tool steel, ceramic, tungsten bearing steel, etc. or other materials with high hardness. It is suitable for the measurement of hole diameter, hole distance and small diameter of internal thread in mechanical and electronic processing, especially suitable for the measurement of bending groove width and mold size.
Ke used to check the position, measure the size of the hole, check the distance between the two holes, can also be used to pass the stop gauge and measure the depth of the hole with, is the standardization of the hole inspection of the necessary inspection tool, with the international advanced laser detector inspection workpiece. And widely used in electronic boards, circuit boards, molds, precision machinery manufacturing and other fields of various high-precision technology.


Set series 2A~5B in large stock


Precautions Before Use

Clean the gauge with gasoline or use a clean cloth to wipe off rust prevention oil and dirt before use.
Make sure there is no rust, scratches or burrs.


Precautions when Using

When using the needle gauge, make sure there are no burrs or rust on the end face.
Pay attention to the temperature difference of the object to be measured.
For straight needle gauges, use a needle vise or gloves. Also, please pay attention to
The effect of expansion to measure body temperature


Precautions After Use

After use, clean the gauge and apply oil. Make sure it is free of scratches and
then put it in the box provided.
For long-term storage, send it for inspection every six months, apply anti-rust
oil, and keep it in a place with little change in humidity and temperature.


We have professional advice on the use of pin gauges. and develop targeted implementation plans. For more information, please click here.






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