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How to Select The Right Oil Filter According to Its Working Principle

The oil filter helps remove contaminants from your car engine oil that can build up over time, as the oil keeps the engine clean.

The importance of clean oil filter

Clean oil filter is important because if the oil is not filtered over a period of time, it can become saturated with tiny, hard particles that can wear down your engine's surfaces. This dirty oil can wear down the mechanical parts of the oil pump and damage the bearing surfaces in your engine. 

How the oil filter works

The outside of the oil filter is a metal canister with a sealing gasket that allows it to fit snugly against the engine's mating surfaces. The bottom plate of the canister holds the gasket in place and is perforated in the area on the inside of the gasket. The center hole is threaded to match the oil filter assembly on the engine block. Inside the filter is a filter material, most commonly made of synthetic fibers. The engine's oil pump delivers oil directly to the filter, where it enters through holes around the base plate. Dirty oil passes (pushes under pressure) through the filter media and returns through the center hole, where it re-enters the engine.

Choosing the right oil filter

different types of oil filter.jpg

Choosing the correct oil filter for your vehicle is one of the most important things!!

Most oil filters look very similar, but subtle differences in thread or gasket size can determine whether a particular oil filter will work on your car. 

The best way to determine which oil filter you need is to consult your owner's manual or refer to a parts catalog. Using the wrong filter can cause oil to leak out of the engine, or an improper filter can simply fall off. Either of these two conditions can result in serious engine damage. 


In general, the more you spend, the better the filter will be. Low-cost oil filters may contain light metal, loose (or crushed) filter material, and poor quality gaskets, all of which can lead to filter failure. Some filters may filter smaller dirt a little better, and some may last longer. So, you should research the characteristics of each filter that fits your vehicle to determine which one is best for your needs. 






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