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The Advantages of Preformed Helical Fittings for Overhead Line

Author: venusgeng

Jun. 09, 2022


1. With excellent resistance fatigue properties

The conductor and ground wire are one of the most concentrated parts of bearing load in the overhead distribution and transmission power. They are easily damaged in the case of fatigue. Almost all the damage of conductor and ground wire occurred on the contact surface between the conductor, ground wire and fittings. Typical position is between the conductor, ground wire and the suspension clamps, dead end clamp, splice. Because the dynamic and static bending stress are the highest in these places.


Preformed helical fittings are opposite, which has long helical wire make a larger area uniformly for the static bending stress between fittings and conductor & ground wire, avoiding the concentrated point by pressure welding fittings.

The bending rigidity between the fittings and conductor or ground wire will be increased and the bending stress which is generated by aeolian vibration will be weaken when the preformed fittings are fitted.  


Preformed Line

Preformed Line

2 . Easily installation, good consistency, maintenance-free

The preformed line fittings are easily installation with hands only, which improve the installation speed and efficiency. It normally only takes several minutes for skilled people. And we only need vision inspection for the quality after installed, which ensures good consistency for different fittings installed by different people.


The widely used preformed line fittings save many works on maintenance, which takes economic benefits.


3. High performance and energy saving

There are hysteresis and eddy losses for ferromagnetic material, which are widely used before caused big energy consumption. With the improvement of transmission capability, the energy saving fittings are popular.  And many preformed line fittings are made of ACS, which not only reach the requirement of mechanical strength for line, but also has lower consumption.


Dead-End for Short Span ADSS

Dead-End for Short Span ADSS

4. Better applicability

The Dead End Guy Grip are designed for Galvanized stranded wire, ACS strand, aluminum strand, steel-cored aluminum strand and insulated cable.


5. Good non-corrosibility

The preformed line fittings are made of the same material of conductor or ground wire, which will reduce the galvano-cautery by different metal materials, prolong the fitting life.


6. Situation of application

With above advantages, the preformed line fitting are more and more popular, such as preformed dead end guy grip, Suspension clamp, conductor splice...


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