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The Difference Between Barbed Wire and Razor Barbed Wire

Author: Marie

Apr. 13, 2023


Barbed wire and razor barbed wire are two common security devices used around the world. Whether they are used to prevent people and animals from passing through a protective boundary or installed on a wall or fence to prevent climbing, they are very economical and effective fences.

Barbed wire


Barbed Wire

Barbed wire was developed in the 19th century to keep livestock from wandering off a farmer's property, and today it is used primarily for the same purpose. Most barbed wire is made of two wires, a central wire and a smaller wire that is periodically wrapped around the central wire. The ends of the smaller wire point outward, forming a sharp "barb" that can deter people or animals from trying to cross the wire. But barbed wire does not cut flesh, it only scratches on it. So it is easier for intruders to get through the wire.

Today, barbed wire is considered an effective and inexpensive way to keep livestock inside fences. Some organizations also use barbed wire as their security fence, although barbed wire does seem to be a more popular choice for corporate security purposes.

 razor barbed wire

Razor Barbed Wire

Razor wire is a new type of protective fence, which is wire rope with small blades that are so sharp that they can cause wounds to bleed to death. It is usually used to prevent people or animals from crossing the border. Razor barbed wire has excellent characteristics such as beautiful, economical and practical, good anti-blocking effect and easy construction. At present, razor barbed wire has been widely used in many countries in industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartments, border posts, military fields, prisons, guardhouses, government buildings and other national security facilities. 




To install barbed wire, you only need a few fence posts and the basics of how to install barbed wire. Razor wire requires some expertise, as razor wire is usually more dangerous to handle and more difficult to work with.



Many people believe that razor wire has a more "modern" appearance and is more intimidating due to its razor design and single wire construction. In contrast, the design of barbed wire fencing has remained virtually unchanged since the 19th century, giving it a more rustic appeal.



As we have already mentioned, barbed wire is considered one of the more affordable types of wire fencing. Razor wire is indeed more expensive than barbed wire due to the complexity of the manufacturing process.


The edges of razor wire are so sharp that in case it passes by, the razor-like edges can tear and hook into the intruder's clothing and flesh. As a result, it is very difficult for a person to pass through razor wire without the help of others or special tools. Razor wire is more durable than barbed wire. Weather conditions and some other external influences will not easily damage or wear out razor wire.






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