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The most popular door handle finishes

Author: Marie

Sep. 14, 2022


Updating your interior door handles can instantly upgrade the look of your interior. With so many designs and finishes to choose from, you may be wondering which door handles are best for your home. To help you decide which set to purchase, here's a list of our five most popular door handle finishes.


1. Matte Black Door Knobs

Door handles in matte black finishes create a luxurious aesthetic in modern and contemporary style interiors. Matte black door handles are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners choose sleek black elements for their lighting, furniture, and home décor. The matte black door furniture collection is designed to complement each other and features door hinges, latches, locks, keyhole latch covers and bathroom thumbturn and release functions.

The 5 most popular door handle finishes


2. Polished Stainless Steel Door Knobs

Polished stainless steel reflects light, creating the impression of a larger, brighter living space. Not only do the neutral tones of stainless steel complement every modern interior style, but our stainless steel door handles excel in performance, quality and durability to provide a lasting solution for every interior door in your home.


3. Bronze Door Handles

Copper accents in home interiors offer a touch of industrial style, emphasized by the luxurious knurled pattern around the door handle on the back panel. The gorgeous warm tones on the knurled doorknobs have a certain quality and charm.

The 5 most popular door handle finishes



4. Satin stainless steel door handles

Satin stainless steel finishes have a subtle sheen that visually resists fingerprint marks and smudges. This low-maintenance finish is a very popular choice for busy homes with consistent style and function.


5. Chrome Plated Door Knobs

Chrome door handles are a popular choice for many homeowners because the neutral-toned look suits many modern interior styles. Rose chrome door handles are especially popular because of their minimalist look on the surface of the door. Available in a reflective polished finish or a smooth satin sheen, chrome door handles provide a cohesive aesthetic when equipped with additional chrome fixtures, fittings and furniture.


We want to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high quality products that excel in both aesthetics and performance. If you like our style, please browse our products for more inspiration!






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