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Truck DC Air Conditioner, All things you should know

If you have a transportation business then you need to operate some trucks and heavy vehicles for your goods or cargo. In this case, you need to choose the best truck cabin air conditioners for your vehicles. Most of the heavy vehicles like trucks have belt-driven gasoline air conditioner and they can increase your fuel consumption cost. To reduce your cost, you can use 12 or 24 volt truck car air conditioner.


What are the advantages of truck DC air conditioners?

For your transportation business, you need to operate several trucks and heavy vehicles. Do you ever consider the situation of your drivers? Do you know how your drivers manage their duty during summer? Your drivers can get affected by the heat and suffer from dehydration during summer. So, give them the comfort they deserve, if you do not wish to spend more on recruiting new staff if they fall ill.

To avoid such problems, you can simply install a portable truck air conditioner in your truck, inside his cabin. Such air conditioners are designed with small DC compressor and a driver-plate. They can resist off-road and on-road vibration and they are the most powerful cooling devices for trucks.

Power options for truck DC air conditioners:

These truck DC air conditioners are available with 12V, 24V, 48V, 60V, and 72V air compressors. They are effective, powerful, and portable. You can easily install them in your truck. Such air conditioners have two parts, the indoor and the outdoor unit. You need to install the outdoor unit at the rooftop of your vehicle and you can install the indoor unit inside the cabin.

They are R134a eco-friendly refrigerant and they can provide perfect solution for the overnight rest. You can use such truck air conditioners during compulsory stoppage periods, parking, loading, and unloading. But, you need to choose the right model for your truck and you can contact the sellers in this regard.

They can help you to choose the best air conditioners for trucks. For example, if you deal with long-term transportation and ship your goods out of the city then you need to install a powerful air conditioner in your truck and your drivers can use this air conditioner for next few days. For local transportation, you can install a portable air conditioner with less cooling capacity.


What are the advantages of portable DC air conditioners?

Portable air conditioners for truck can save your fuel consumption cost because they can run with your car battery or DC power. So, you do not need to invest a lot for such air conditioners.

These air conditioners do not require a lot of maintenance and you can easily keep them safe by periodical maintenance. It will cost you very less.

They are 100% eco-friendly and you can run the air conditioner by shutting down the engine. It will reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

You can provide utmost road safety to your drivers by installing such portable truck air conditioner. They can feel comfortable inside their cabin and can concentrate on their driving more consciously. It has been reported that most of the on-road accidents happened due to lack of concentration of the drivers since they did not have a comfortable sleep or rest. So, you can ensure their safety by providing a comfortable cabin space by installing a DC truck air conditioner inside their cabin.

You can install such air conditioners in your truck without touching the engine. You do not need to connect your truck engine with the air conditioner. You can run the portable air conditioner with the help of your truck battery. Truck cabin air conditioners installation is very simple and you can easily mount the outdoor unit on the rooftop of your truck and install the indoor Aircon inside the cabin. No technical assistance and installation services are required in this regard.

You do not drill the cabin of your truck, and you can install such portable air conditioners on your truck with their in-built hatches.

Portable DC truck air conditioners are powerful cooling devices for your on-road and off-road vehicles. You can keep your drivers cabin chilled and you can even run a DC air conditioner during your parking and compulsory stoppage periods. It can cool down the truck cabin during the drivers overnight rest periods, ensuring that the driver gets his sleep properly and hits the road without hitting anything alive!

According to a study, a portable truck air conditioner can save about 3000 gallon fuel per year and it can save our planet from carbon emissions. Apart from that, according to some state laws, you must stop your truck engine during compulsory stoppage periods. So, you cannot run the conventional truck air conditioner connected to the engine during such stoppage periods. It is very uncomfortable to stay inside the cabin during these periods so you can use DC air conditioner to keep your cabin chilled.

What are the features of portable DC air conditioners?

Portable truck air conditioners are battery driven and they can save up to 3000 gallon fuel per year. So, you can save your fuel cost by installing a portable DC Aircon in your truck.

You can choose 24-volt truck air conditioner for your trailer and you can keep your truck AC on while you stop your engine. Such air conditioners are designed with dismountable filter screens and you can find such screens in their air inlet areas. You can clean the dust from their filter screens to get best performance from the truck air conditioner.

Portable truck DC air conditioners are lightweight and small in size. It only takes up to 0.02 m³ (0.7 cu ft) and you can easily install them in your small truck cabin. There is very little soot deposition, which makes it easier to clean and maintain. There is no vibration or noise coming out from these portable air conditioners.

These air conditioners are easy to install and all of them come with an installation manual. If you do not have any idea about their installation then you can read the manual to install the same. You do not need to hire any installation service to install a truck DC Aircon.






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