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Warehouse Common Equipment List!

Author: CC

Aug. 09, 2022


Warehouse equipment mainly refers to the modern warehouse in addition to the main warehouse building, all the equipment, tools and supplies required for storage operations. Warehouse management is inseparable from the configuration of warehouse hardware facilities, warehouse operators with the help of a variety of storage equipment, you can reasonably organize the normal transfer of goods in the warehouse, properly maintain the quality of goods, to protect the safety of people and property. So, do you know what warehouse equipment is available? How should these equipment and tools be stored?


Different types of warehouse equipment

Metering equipment

Measuring equipment is used to measure and count goods in and out, as well as inventory and inspection during the storage of goods. For example: floor scales, rail scales, electronic scales, electronic counters, flow meters, belt scales, scales and more primitive scales, tape measures, etc.. With the modernisation of warehouse management, modern automatic measuring equipment will be used more often.


Maintenance inspection equipment

Maintenance inspection equipment refers to the goods into the warehouse acceptance and storage in the warehouse testing, testing and prevention of commodity deterioration, failure of the machine, instrument. Such as: temperature meter, tide meter, moisture absorber, drying box, wind curtain (located at the door of the warehouse, to separate the temperature difference between inside and outside), air regulator, commodity quality testing instruments. In the larger warehouse this type of equipment is used more.


Ventilation, warmth and lighting equipment

Ventilation, warmth and lighting equipment is mainly used in the storage of goods and warehouse operations need to protect the physical environment requirements, common: dehumidifiers, extractor fans, linkage window openers, explosion-proof lights, protective insulation curtains and so on.


Fire safety equipment

Fire safety is the top priority of storage work, in order to protect the fire safety of the warehouse, must be equipped with the appropriate fire equipment and equipment according to the type and nature of stored goods. It includes: fire hydrants, fire pipes, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, smoke masks, protective clothing, alarms, fire engines, manual pumpers, water guns, fire water sources, sand and soil boxes, fire ladders, etc.


Storage tool recommendations!






A reliable workbench is the heart of any workshop or workspace, whether it is for DIY at home or in a purpose-built industrial workspace. Whether it's for woodworking, dismantling engines or repairing electronic equipment, the right workstation makes life easier and helps you stay organised and remain productive while you work.


Heavy-duty overhead and rolling cabinet combinations


Heavy-duty overhead and rolling cabinet combinations


Heavy-duty top and rolling cabinet combinations support heavier loads and withstand more frequent use. Their drawers can hold loads of 200 lbs or less (depending on model).




tool box


Toolboxes that can be used to store small tools and lightweight storage sundries.


Through custom design, development, volume production and product inspection, Huitong can help you create a tool storage solution that fits your space and needs. Huitong can provide all types of tool storage trolleys, cabinets, workstations, totes, modular storage systems and more.






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