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What Are The Different Drill Bits?

Author: Grace

Jan. 19, 2021


Different drill bits have different purposes, and we must choose the correct type of drill bit when using it.

Drill Bit2.jpeg

Concrete drill bit

Generally refers to hard alloy drill bits, divided into integral type, welded type, indexable blade type and interchangeable head type.

The main components of cemented carbide are tungsten carbide, cobalt, etc. The hardness is generally higher than HRC 90 degrees, which is more suitable for batch processing and difficult-to-hard processing occasions!

Integral alloy drills The alloy drills currently on the market are generally made of tungsten steel. Although the materials are the same, the quality of products of each brand is very different due to the processing technology. Imported and domestic alloy drills are also very different. Imported alloy drills generally use VHM micro-grain hard alloy (ISO K40), ultra-fine particle type (0.6µm). In the application of high-performance drills and ordinary milling machines, hardness and toughness are ideally combined.

Diamond drill bit

The drill with the cutting edge is called a diamond drill bit. The drill bit is an integrated drill bit, the whole drill bit has no moving parts, the structure is relatively simple, and it has high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance. It is one of the three new drilling technologies in the world in the 1980s. Field use has proved that when drilling in soft-medium-hard formations, the diamond bit has the advantages of fast speed, large footage, long life, stable work, fewer downhole accidents, and good well quality. Diamond drill bits are not only used for a long time, but can also be reused. The use effect of the returned diamond drill bit is similar to the factory diamond bit, which can save a lot of drilling costs.

Glass drill bit

Glass drill bit is a kind of machine equipment used to drill glass professionally. Glass drill bits are different from ordinary drill bits. Drill bits can be divided into many types. Glass drill bits are a kind of professional drill bits. The hardness of glass drill bits is relatively high, and it is suitable for large glass. When using glass drill bits, you must choose according to different specifications, because there are many specifications of glass drill bits, and different sizes of glass drilling require different glass drill bits.






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