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What are the Types of Ceramic Filters?

Author: CC

Oct. 13, 2022


Ceramic foam filter is just developed as a new type molten metal filters to decrease casting flaw and also as a catalyst carrier for Air Treatment in recent years, play a vital role in the metal casting and air treatment, where they are used to filter out impurities in molten metal to improve the quality and performance of the end product or decompose organic pollutants into pollution-free water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) to meet high environmental requirements.Get a free quotation.

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter

Features of Ceramic foam filter

  • High strength with multi-impregnated slurry and free from loose debris

  • Good porosity and free from block during pouring molten metal

  • Mature sinter technology to ensure good thermal shock resistance

What are the Types of Ceramic Filters?

These are special filters made using materials like silica carbide, aluminum oxide, or zirconium dioxide to give them structural stability and to ensure resistance to thermal shocks. Their types can be divided into alumina ceramic filterssilicon carbide ceramic filters, and zirconia ceramic filters according to the material.

SIC Foam Filter


  • Grey iron castings

  • Ductile iron castings

  • Malleable iron castings

  • Non ferrous castings aluminum, copper and bronze alloys

If you are interested in our Ceramic foam filter, please feel free to contact us.






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