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What Do You Put In A Gift Basket For Ramadan?

Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, begins on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, marked by the first sighting of the new moon and is being celebrated by more than 1.6 billion people worldwide.

A time of self-reflection and piety, Ramadan has many traditions and rituals, some of which will be restricted for a second year due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, it is a very important time for the Muslim community, and while aspects of the celebration will be curtailed, there are still many ways to identify the holy period from afar.

For Muslims around the world, it is a time of selflessness and reflection, and a time of celebration. With many people celebrating away from friends and family this year, Ramadan gifts are especially popular. If you’re looking for Ramadan gift basket ideas, we’ve got you sorted!

Custom Printing Red Star Shape Gift Box

Custom Printing Red Star Shape Gift Box

Gifting during Ramadan

While gift-giving is not necessarily a Ramadan tradition, it is a time of generosity, and in recent years it has become increasingly common to give gifts throughout Ramadan, among members of the Muslim community as well as to others to their Muslim friends and family.

Providing food for those who have been fasting is considered a virtue, and because Ramadan meals are often shared with other members of the community, giving food for Ramadan is especially meaningful during a pandemic, when it is difficult to bring everyone together. It is common to bring food to community members and mosques during Ramadan, so providing food to loved ones in the Muslim community would be truly appreciated.

While easing some restrictions means that Muslims in the UK will be able to come together in smaller groups to celebrate Ramadan more often than in 2020, and will be able to worship indoors with mosques now open, the celebrations will not be as big out of the pandemic as they could be.

With this in mind, it is important to find ways to celebrate together from afar.

Premium Multi-Layer Combination Chocolate Candy Packaging Box

Premium Multi-layer Combination Chocolate Candy Packaging Box

When to give gifts during Ramadan

While there is no specific date or period that is best for Ramadan gift-giving, the time of year you choose to give your gifts may influence the gifts you choose to get.

For example, if you want to give a gift before Ramadan begins, you may choose to give a new prayer mat or a piece of Islamic literature. Prayer, or worship, is very important in Islamic culture, especially during Ramadan when Muslims aim to get closer to Allah. Prayer mats are a great Ramadan gift idea for the beginning of the month.

You can find the custom Ramadan gift box, click here.

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What is a Ramadan box?

The general idea behind it is that they are a gift given to your child at the start of the month of Ramadan. Some families fill their boxes with decorations while others make it only about gifts. There is no one way to make your Ramadan box but I think there are a few “rules of thumb” you can follow when creating yours.

Books. I really love to gift a book and I don’t think you can really go wrong. Whether it’s something related to Ramadan or just a book your child has been wanting, books are always a good inclusion.

An activity. I love the idea of filling a box with several different crafts or activities that your child can take out throughout the month. These could be general learning or specifically Islamic learning. I love the idea of making a box that has an activity a day that can be pulled out and done together.

Something fun. I also think it’s a good idea to add something to the box that is purely a fun gift to get. It doesn’t have to be something large but something that makes them smile.

Rewards. Depending on the age of your child this could also be something to add. Whether it’s a sticker book that has a sticker for each day they fast to add to the calendar or a treat – rewards can be a great idea. You can set the parameters of what they get when; is it for fasting a full day? Learning a surah by heart? You choose!

Let us help you provide the best Ramadan gift basket ideas for your project. When you contact us, please provide your detailed requirements. That will help us give you a valid quotation.






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