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What is Sodium Acetate Trihydrate?

Author: Marie

Nov. 15, 2022


Food grade Sodium acetate trihydrate CAS 6131-90-4 is a colorless, odorless, transparent monoclinic crystal, or white crystalline powder. Odorless. Slightly bitter taste. Easily weathered in air, flammable. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol.



Sodium acetate (trihydrate) is widely used as shelf life extension, pH adjuster, etc. because of its good water solubility.

Food grade sodium acetate (trihydrate) has long been used as a flavoring agent to give potato chips a piquant salt and vinegar taste. Since it is an acid, the addition of sodium acetate during food production can lower or stabilize the pH of the product. Another positive feature of its acidity is its negative reaction to bacterial growth in the presence of sodium acetate. Therefore, it is a good preservative. The beneficial preservative properties of sodium acetate are also predominant in pickled foods. Similar to its general food use, sodium acetate is used in pickled foods to enhance flavor and preserve foods, but in much larger amounts.


In addition to its role in food products, sodium acetate is useful in other areas as well.


When sodium acetate is used for cleaning, impurities such as stains, rust or scale on metal surfaces quickly disappear.


The hygroscopic nature of sodium acetate penetrates into the crevices of concrete surfaces, sealing them up. In the construction industry, water damage is the scourge of concrete use, and the ability to waterproof and seal concrete saves time and money.


Bacteria usually need a source of carbon to grow. Sodium acetate plays this role in the isolation of DNA and also catalyzes the yield of ethanol precipitation. Sodium acetate is commonly used as a reagent in molecular biology and biochemistry.

Medical therapy

Intravenous infusion of sodium acetate is recommended to replenish electrolytes. This often occurs in patients receiving dialysis. Patients with hyponatremia often take sodium acetate to stabilize declining sodium levels. Reusable heating pads and hand warmers rely on a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate and water around a metal disc. 

Textile aniline dyes from coal tar extracts are often used with sodium acetate in the textile dyeing process. Sodium acetate is also used as a photoresist or photosensitive material to stimulate pattern coating in lithography and photolithography. 

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