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What Is The Wafer Type Butterfly Valve?

Author: CC

Mar. 18, 2023


The butterfly plate of the wafer type butterfly valve is set up in the diameter instructions of the pipeline. In the round channel of the butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped butterfly plate turns around the axis and the turning angle is between 0 ° and 90 °, which can play the duty of flow policy.

Wafer Type Butterfly Valve


What are the efficiency advantages?

The wafer type butterfly valve is normally installed flat. Wafer type butterfly valve performance benefits are that its disc is mounted in the diameter instructions of the pipe. The wafer type butterfly valve is made up of only a few components and is defined by a basic framework, tiny dimension, and lightweight. Furthermore, it can be quickly opened up and closed by revolving 90 °, and the operation is straightforward. In the round passage of the butterfly valve body, the disc revolves around the axis, and the turning angle is between 0 ° and 90 °. When the turning is 90 °, the valve is completely open. In the meantime, the valve has great liquid control characteristics.


What type of sealing does it come from?

The butterfly valve has 2 sealing types: an elastomeric seal and a metal seal. For the previous, the sealing ring can be mounted on the valve body or connected to the perimeter of the disc. The wafer butterfly valves with steel seals generally have a much longer life than elastomeric seal valves, however, it's hard for total seal. Metal seals can suit greater running temperatures, while elastomeric seals have temperature-limited defects.


Wafer type butterfly valves VS flange kind butterfly valves

Usual butterfly valves include wafer type butterfly valves and flange kind butterfly valves. The wafer butterfly valve is linked between the flanges of the two pipes by the stud screws. The flange type butterfly valve represents a valve with the flange, and the flange on both ends of the valve is connected to the pipe flange by bolts.


Where can it be used?

If a butterfly valve is needed for flow control, the major problems are the appropriate dimension and type of valve. The structural principle of the butterfly valve is especially appropriate for making huge diameter valves. Butterfly valves are extensively made use of not just in general markets such as oil, gas, chemical, and water treatment, but likewise in the cooling water system for thermal nuclear power plants. This type of valve ought to usually be set up flat in the pipe.


We offer wafer type butterfly valves, please feel free to contact us if you need them.






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