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Your Position: Home - Home Garden - Which one should you use pole tent or frame tent?

Which one should you use pole tent or frame tent?

Author: Marie

Sep. 13, 2022

Home & Garden

If you are looking for a good event tent for your next party, company event or even concert, you have more choices than ever before. There are tents specially designed to meet your needs. When you start looking around for tents 30 feet wide, you will see the two main choices of frame tents and pole tents. What's the difference? which one should you choose for your activity?

What's the Difference between Pole tents and Frame Tents?cid=4


Pole tents.

Pole tents are defined by poles that support the roof of the structure. You may be familiar with this style of tents because they have been used in outdoor activities for many years. Are they the right choice for you?


The advantages of pole tents.

The greatest advantage of pole tents is their appearance. The pole gives the roof a sense of diving and drama. For this reason, they are very popular at weddings. A 40 x 100-foot wedding tent would look great if it had a pole roof.

If you want to save some money on tent rental or purchase, pole tents are usually a cheaper option. They are also very simple to set up and install, so when you get your tent ready, you don't have to worry about anything.

You will also find that pole tents have fewer parts. You will find it easier to install and easier to transport.


The shortcomings of tents.

As you might imagine, depending on your layout, the poles in your tent are likely to get in your way. You must carefully consider how to use tents to reduce obstacles. Some people think that poles also damage the beauty of tents, although you can decorate them to fit in if you like.

You can only use your tents on soft ground, such as grass, because they must be fixed. If you use hard ground as a base, you will not be able to use pole tents.

What's the Difference between Pole tents and Frame Tents?cid=4


Frame tents.

The frame tent uses a transparent frame to support the weight of the tent. Therefore, they do not need poles to support the roof. There are many advantages to using them. Is this the tent you should use?


Advantages of framed tents.

First of all, there are obviously no poles to hold up the tent, so you don't have to worry about them obstructing the view inside. You will have all the space inside to set up the tent at will.

If you use a frame model, you can also put a 40-foot-wide tent anywhere you like. This is because if you place them on hard ground, such as tiles or concrete, they can be pressed down instead of piles.

The best thing about frame tents is that they are independent and very beautiful. They apply to almost any event, whether it's a concert, a wedding, or any other event you can imagine.


The disadvantages of framed tents.

If you are considering using a tent, please pay attention to some disadvantages. First of all, their assembly is a bit complicated because they have extra parts and take more time to assemble. You need to be prepared for the event to be held.

You will also find that using a frame tent, your maximum width is 40 feet. If you need something bigger, you may need to check the pole tent.

Finally, you will find that they are a little more expensive than pole tents, so you need to know how much your budget can pay before you start shopping.






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