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Why Put Steel in Concrete?

Author: Marie

Dec. 16, 2022


Steel and concrete are inherently strong. The effectiveness of reinforced concrete comes from the difference in performance of these two materials under similar loading conditions.

Concrete itself is a relatively strong material that can withstand a lot of compression, but is relatively very weak in tension. Therefore, plain old unreinforced concrete is not ideal for most structures because it will begin to break under vibration or other bending stresses such as wind loads.
Steel, on the other hand, is a ductile material that can withstand significant tensile stresses and is relatively weak in compression. The benefits of combining these two materials become apparent. By wrapping the steel around the location where the concrete will be subjected to the greatest tensile stresses, we can create a composite structural element that is very strong in both compression and tension. This composite material is very strong. In fact, the breaking point of concrete containing rebar is almost twice as high as that of concrete without rebar.
When rebar is placed in concrete, it warns the concrete before it breaks. Concrete that does not include rebar is considered brittle. When the pressure on concrete without rebar increases, it will suddenly fracture without warning.
On the other hand, concrete that includes rebar is considered ductile. This means that as the pressure increases, small cracks and fissures can be seen to form in the concrete.
This is positive in two ways.
Concrete containing reinforcement stays strong even with small cracks.
A warning is given before the concrete fails completely.


How Does Reinforcement Work?

Reinforcement is carried out in concrete work by transferring loads between the concrete and the reinforcement itself. Due to friction, these reinforcement bars and the concrete transfer strain back and forth between them, so it is important to choose a reinforcement material that can withstand this stress. This constant shifting of weight back and forth may sound complicated, but it is actually a relatively simple process that caused a construction revolution when it was first designed. This is an important reason why Indiana uses steel in concrete reinforcement.



Why is Steel the Material of Choice?

It may seem strange that steel is the most popular material when it comes to reinforcing material choices. After all, there are many metals to choose from. In this case, there are a few things that make steel so special and useful. For beginners, welding is very easy. It's also very ductile - it can be manipulated (bent, etc.) without compromising its structural integrity, and it's easy to recycle. It is also a perfect match from a physical standpoint - it can easily handle different types of forces without compromise.






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